Breah's passion to inspire clarity and collaboration, bring a refreshing and light augmentation to the creative process. Breah has worked as a graphic designer and branding specialist supporting businesses on local and national levels, following a career as a director and manager in advertising, publication, and product manufacturing.

We took a few moments to sit down with Breah and ask her some questions...

A Q&A with Breah

How did you get into scribing?

In 2010, I was asked to do the graphic recording for a conference in my hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. I had no idea what that was or meant, but true to my adventurous nature I said yes and was astounded with the outcome of capturing the content of that meeting in words and pictures. It seemed to energize the room of 250 and at the end of the day people were scanning the boards and having conversations around what they saw, relating it to what they heard. I knew the work was impactful and inspiring, as well. The City of Asheville was represented at the conference and the next week I did a 20 foot long capture of their sustainability plans for the future, which is still hanging in city hall 6 years later as a reminder of where they are going.

What is your favorite thing about scribing?

My nature is to nurture and inspire. During a meeting that includes scribing, people are supported to listen and inspired to co-create with the speaker. It helps people to really take in the content and they always seem excited and uplifted as they review the boards, even after a long day of meeting.

What is the most interesting scribing job you have been a part of?

About a year ago, I worked with a team of scribes to create a very large, stage-sized mural while a quartet of musicians played electronic violins. It was so much fun to draw and move with the music, and a great celebration and launch for a product line.

What's your favorite scribing work you've produced?

Animated videos! Just this past summer I had the opportunity to stretch my skills and produce 3 different videos for a global firm. I loved the whole process of meeting with the client to decide the journey to take, the story boarding, drawing the individual frames, shooting live video of white board drawing, directing the voiceover and being amazed at the final production. Loved it. Definitely want to do more!

When you're not scribing what are you working on?

I've created a 13-question process I call "What's Right With Me?...Self-Awareness 101". For the last 6 years, through this process I have been helping individuals and groups to remember/discover who they, their passion and what they are here to do. I've written it all down into a book form, as well, and created a coloring book of inspiring quotes to support it. My big work with it right now is putting it together with supporting pieces of work to create a day-long workshop for organizations and companies, supporting culture change with a foundation of individual empowerment.

I also have some fun outside of work too! Love to dance, play tennis, ride my bike, and enjoy my children and grandchildren!

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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